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Unique Term Deposits System

Term Deposits

DWB’s main services resume in servicing its client with great benefits with Term Depositary System. The bank’s benefits as to how the funds are dispersed are revenues accumulated through its economic development projects.

Term deposits are the safest way to place one’s fund.

Understand Term Deposits
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Purchase Services

Purchase services for gold, diamonds, uncut gems “Bulk Purchase” only.

Special Services

Health products. The most affordable insulin package in the world, providing solutions for hundreds of million of people in need.

Feasibility Studies for large infrastructural projects.

Five Project Development Ministries targeting Energy, Medical, Construction & Education.

Insurance Services and Products per region of needs. Special Insurance Services for the States of Africa and First Nations regions of the World.

Term Deposits F.A.Q.

What is minimum time allowed for a deposit?

Term Deposits are fixed and for a minimum of one year (Blocked funds).

What is the minimum amount allowed for a deposit?

Minimum Term Deposits allowed are determinated by the client’s financial portfolio.

What is my yearly return?

Term Deposits carrying a fix return on investments of 20% yearly.

If there a minimum amount for 20% return?

Term Deposits carry 20% fixed return up to One million Dollars.

What about taxes?

All Term Deposits benefit of tax incentives.

What about over one million dollar, do I get the same 20% return?

All Term Deposits over one million Dollars are Limited to a minimum of 10% fixed return. That could be raised depending on the fact that tax Incentive savings are less than 10%, for a total of 20% earning and saving.
Explanation: It will be challenging to give a 20 % straight out return if a deposit is one Billion in one shot. The investor will be assured a minimum of 10% cash yearly and a 10% tax incentive, making 20%.

Are there other options for investment deposits?

a) First Development World Bank reserves the right to other negotiated term investment deposits.
b) All can be negotiated depending on the deposit. The bank can still give 20 % on a ten million deposit.
c) It can also depend on the surplus in revenues of the bank annually through the business of its services and products.

Are there other options for investment proposals?

First Development World Bank reserve the right to other negotiated Investment Proposals.

Still Have Questions?

Don’t hesitate to reach out. DWB is open round the clock for the reception of written enquiries. We will get back to you the soonest.