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Ambassador Worldwide for the Marinef Embassy of Economic Development. Honorary Consul of the Republic of Cote D’Ivoire in Canada. 

Mr. Brian S. Mason is the Founder and Chairman of the First Development World Bank – DWB.

Leadership Member of the Ministry of Economic Development at the Marine Foundation.

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DWB Headquarters – Tokyo, Japan

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Tomeo RD-M-Gressard
Vice Chairman Worldwide
Project Development

HRH Sanyogita Atrey
Director Economic Affairs
for India

Elizaveta Djumanova
Director of Security &
Communication Russia

Mohamed Elsayed M. Alsamnudy
VP Associate Dubai/UAE

Massimiliano Lacitignola
General Director for Italy & Europe

Jean Fontaine
Executive Secretary – Assistant to Chairman

Kamal Makhloufi
Economic Affairs between CEDEAO & DWB Vice President DWB Gambia

Ghassan Al Saadi
Vice-President Middle East Business Development Manager for Iraq & Global Operation

Seedy Fadera
Secretary to DWB Chairman The Gambia Africa

Hamdi Almasarweh
General Communication Director – Trinity Group

Denilson Rocha
General director DWB
Minister of Economic Development Trinity

Marine Foundation Platform

Project Development Team

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