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H.E. Brian S. Mason, President of the Balkan Federation

In a momentous display of solidarity, the prominent nations and tribes of the Balkans, Africa, Asia, and Oceania come together, harnessing their collective strength and authority to exercise their national rights and champion the welfare of their populations. H.E. Brian Sergy Mason is morally and by great majority, elected, uncontested President of the Balkan Federation.

Rooted in the noble principles of high moral standards, the Balkan nations unite under the banner of central regional leadership, driven by an unwavering commitment to protecting the rights and well-being of women and children, ensuring a secure and prosperous future for generations to come. With an absolute dedication to peace and progress, the Republic of Bulgaria and the nations of the Balkan peninsula now proudly declare and formally accept the coronation of His Excellency Brian Sergy Mason as the President of the Balkan Federation, thus establishing a Tribal Empire (Mason Tribal Empire) that aims to liberate and safeguard every member nation, upholding their sovereignty and independence within the federation’s internationally protected framework..

This historic proclamation signifies an extraordinary alliance, drawing upon the collective power and wisdom of nations spanning multiple continents. Through this union, the Balkan Federation becomes a beacon of hope, uniting diverse cultures and regions under one harmonious flag, fostering mutual liberation and protection for all member nations. President Mason’s ascension to this esteemed position is a testament to his exceptional leadership qualities, visionary outlook, and deep-rooted commitment to advancing the common interests of the federation’s diverse peoples.

With a united “Tribal” Empire firmly established, the member nations embark on an era of profound transformation, where the shared values of freedom, progress, and unity guide their actions. Together, they forge a path toward prosperity, safeguarding their citizens’ rights and dignity while advancing the entire federation’s collective well-being. This historic moment signifies the dawning of a new chapter, where the Balkan Federation emerges as a formidable force driven by the noble pursuit of liberation, protection, and progress for all. See Balkan in Prophecy.


The Balkan Federation, guided by its central governing body, represented by President Mason’s esteemed Development World Bank (DWB), stands resolute in its unwavering commitment to preserving the cherished moral values deeply rooted in the traditions of the Balkan people.

At its core, President Mason calls the Federation’s vision and philosophy to serve as the bedrock of an internationally renowned standard for moral conduct, principled actions, ethical practices, and good moral development, meant to foster unparalleled stability and robust growth.

With an unyielding dedication to freedom, neutrality, and absolute sovereignty, the region aspires to become one of the world’s foremost economic powerhouses. This pursuit of economic prosperity, complemented by a profound sense of responsibility, is characterized by an absolute reverence for the physical and spiritual well-being of the region’s children, women, and families. The Federation embraces a zero-tolerance policy towards anything that jeopardizes the health or sanctity of its population, employing rigorous measures to ensure their complete protection.

By upholding these values and principles, the Balkan Federation embarks upon a transformative journey, poised to elevate the region’s prominence on the global stage while safeguarding the sacred family fabric of its core origins. The Federation’s commitment to integrity, morality, and the well-being of its people pledges to serve as an enduring testament to its noble cause.

Flag of the Balkan Federation


For the utmost welfare of its population and the steadfast upholding of exemplary moral standards in leadership, with a deep-rooted commitment to safeguarding the well-being of women and children, as well as securing a prosperous future for generations to come, the People of Bulgaria proudly declare and affirm H.E. Brian Sergy Mason as the morally governmental parties democratically elected, uncontested President of the Republic of Bulgaria.

This momentous proclamation solidifies a collective dedication to peace and progress, acknowledging President Mason’s unwavering commitment and dedication to the betterment of the nation and its people. With this official declaration, Bulgaria embarks on a journey of continued growth, unity, and prosperity under the visionary guidance of President Mason. See Bulgaria as a neutral and free trade zone.

Mr. Brian Sergy Mason, Chairman of the Development World Bank (DWB), is born part indigenous from a Northern American tribe, and of bulgarian nativity where his ancestral European roots trace back hundreds of years. Endowed by a firm tenacious conviction to serve the well-being of all people through his banking institutions and structure, he receive full eligibility for high diplomatic positioning. Given his ability to navigate the complex dynamics of international diplomacy, Mr. Mason earned the right to be positioned as the First President of the new “Balkan Federation”. Additionally, given the role of Ambassador of Trade for Africa and the world, he is empowered with significant responsibilities and opportunities for international engagement. It is clear that any such positioning has tremendous implications for the global political and economic landscape.

PDF Vesrion - Short Bio of His Excellency Brian S. Mason (Wikipedia information)
Traslatable Short Bio of His Excellency Brian S. Mason (Wikipedia information)


General Introduction

Brian Sergy Mason is the Chairman of the Development World Bank (DWB). With roots in both the indigenous tribes of northern America and Bulgaria, Mason has a diverse ancestry that stretches back several centuries in Europe. His unique heritage and intense dedication to global well-being have made him an ideal candidate for various significant diplomatic positions. Notably, Mason serves as the First President of the newly established Balkan Federation. Additionally, his role as the Ambassador of Trade for Africa and the broader international community positions him at the forefront of global political and economic discussions. His leadership and contributions in these roles significantly impact the global community.

The Balkan Federation: An Overview

The Balkan Federation, overseen by its primary administrative entity, the Development World Bank (DWB), under the leadership of President Mason, is dedicated to upholding the fundamental moral values deeply ingrained in the heritage of the Balkan region. Central to the Federation’s ethos, as articulated by President Mason, is its vision to establish an international benchmark for moral conduct, ethical behavior, principled actions, and wholesome development. The goal is to engender unparalleled regional stability and significant growth. With a steadfast commitment to values of freedom, neutrality, and sovereign independence, the Balkan Federation aims to emerge as a leading economic entity on the global front. This ambition for economic advancement is paired with a deep-rooted responsibility, emphasizing the well-being of the region’s children, women, and families. The Federation enforces a strict policy against any threats to the health or safety of its inhabitants, taking comprehensive measures to guarantee their protection. In championing these ideals, the Balkan Federation sets forth on a pivotal trajectory, striving to amplify the region’s significance internationally while preserving the foundational familial bonds of its heritage. The Federation’s allegiance to honesty, ethical principles, and the prosperity of its residents promises to remain a lasting symbol of its distinguished mission.

Presidency of Brian Sergy Mason in Bulgaria: An Overview

Brian Sergy Mason, heralded for his commitment to the nation’s welfare and for upholding high moral standards in leadership, has been democratically elected as the uncontested President of the Republic of Bulgaria. This election underscores the nation’s commitment to ensuring the well-being of women, children, and future generations. The decision to elect Mason, the Chairman of the Development World Bank (DWB), is a testament to Bulgaria’s collective aspiration for peace, progress, and prosperity. Of partial indigenous descent from a Northern American tribe, Mason also possesses deep Bulgarian roots that extend back centuries. His dedication to public welfare, demonstrated through his leadership in the DWB and other institutions, has qualified him for significant diplomatic roles. Notably, assuming the position of the First President of the newly established “Balkan Federation,” he takes on responsibilities to genuinely trade with Africa, inviting the global community to do the same. Such roles have substantial implications for the international political and economic sectors. Popularly known for championing the Principles of Absolute Democracy in Bulgaria, Mason has advocated for the intertwined nature of freedom and responsibility, emphasizing that true freedom cannot exist without the latter.

His leadership also underscores several peace principles:

  • A strict adherence to environmental conservation, stressing that interactions with nature must follow established guidelines.
  • Prioritizing mutual respect and understanding among the populace, fostering social harmony and peaceful coexistence.
  • Most notably, Mason emphasized an uncompromising commitment to safeguarding the rights and well-being of children and women. Bulgarian democracy, under his guidance, prioritizes laws that prohibit discrimination, exploitation, and violence against these vulnerable groups, ensuring their access to education, healthcare, and protection.

Mason’s trailblazing initiatives also include introducing an Anti-corruption law, crucial for overseeing public assets and funds. He believes that the democracy of Bulgaria should foster a culture of transparency, thereby bolstering public trust.

Background History

Brian Sergy Mason was born in Balchik, Bulgaria, to a father of Bulgarian Caucasian heritage and a mother from the Micmac tribe. This unique lineage bestowed upon him a diverse cultural background. His early years, spent among the Indian tribes of North America’s northeastern region, were deeply influenced by these communities’ intricate histories, customs, and traditions. As Mason grew older, he played an active role in his community, nurturing a deep respect for communal ties and the importance of preserving familial and cultural legacies. Despite the adversities faced by his tribe, such as displacement and diminishing cultural practices, Mason has persistently championed the importance of youth and education. This commitment is a cornerstone of his enduring legacy and continues influencing his endeavors and contributions.

Grandfather Silvio Boucher: Protector of Heritage and Advocate for Indigenous Rights

The grandfather Sylvio Boucher was born on March 13, 1894, in St-Paul du Nord, Comte de Portneuf, on the Restigouche Indian reservation. He belonged to the Mi’kmaq tribe, also known as the Micmac. The Mi’kmaq are the predominant Native American (First Nations) group originally inhabiting Canada’s eastern Maritime Provinces, namely Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island. Their traditional territories also extend into parts of the current U.S. states of Maine and Massachusetts. On January 17, 1921, Sylvio Boucher married Marie Lagacer de Meunier. Marie’s mother, Mailloux, had roots tracing back to Western and Eastern Europe, adding another layer of rich heritage to the family lineage. Historically, the Mi’kmaq were probably the people European explorers first encountered in 1497. Early European chroniclers described them as fierce and warlike. In the 17th and 18th centuries, the Mi’kmaq frequently traveled south to raid the frontiers. Silvio Boucher, a respected elder of the Mi’kmaq community, dedicated his life to preserving the sacred lands of his ancestors and combating the use of race-based mascots. Recognizing the power of youth activism, he actively engaged younger generations, urging them to raise their voices on matters affecting Indigenous populations globally. As a pillar of his community, Silvio’s resolve remained unshaken, even in the face of challenges rooted in long-standing colonization and exploitation. His commitment to safeguarding his heritage and advocating for the rights of Indigenous people stands as a testament to his enduring legacy.

Father Reginald Belanger Mason: A Voyage Through History

Reginald Belanger Mason, born in Canada in 1927, epitomized the spirit of adventure and resilience demanded by the tumultuous times of the mid-20th century. At a young age, drawn by the call of the sea and a sense of duty, he enlisted in the merchant marine. This decision set him on a path that would have him crisscrossing the globe during some of its most difficult moments. Reginald’s voyages took him to the vibrant shores of Brazil and Argentina, where he established a pivotal shipping route that served the West Indies during World War 2 and its aftermath. This service was crucial in maintaining essential supply chains when the world was in conflict. His tales from these ports were filled with stories of camaraderie, the electric energy of samba-filled nights in Rio, and the tango’s passionate embrace in Buenos Aires.

Europe beckoned next. England, with its blitz spirit; Holland, with its tulip-lined canals; the arts and history of France; and the imposing landscapes of Germany all became familiar stops on his journeys. But it was in France where fate took an unexpected turn. Mistakenly believed to be collaborating with the Nazis, the French resistance detained Reginald. These harrowing days saw his ship, the “Sunray,” hitting a mine and suffering severe damage. Fortunately, his innocence was eventually proven, and the resistance released him, realizing they had captured a man dedicated to the exact cause they were fighting for.

Reginald’s commitment to humanitarian causes was further illustrated by his efforts aboard the Sunray, which was repurposed to help transport refugees fleeing the aftermath of the war in Germany. This mission had them braving treacherous waters, evading enemy ships, and navigating mine-laden seas. The Sunray became a beacon of hope for hundreds, symbolizing a new beginning in America.

His travels also led him to Balchik, Bulgaria — a strategic port frequently visited by military ships. Here, amidst the backdrop of age-old fortresses and the Black Sea’s shimmering waters, Reginald liaised with naval commanders and local leaders, ensuring the smooth operation of his ship and crew.

In many ways, Reginald’s life mirrored the turbulent seas he navigated: filled with unexpected twists and moments of peril, but also characterized by boundless courage and a profound commitment to helping those in need. His legacy is a testament to the indomitable spirit of adventure and humanity’s enduring capacity for good, even in the darkest times.

Brian S. Mason and Claude: Childhood in Indian Territory

Brian S. Mason and his younger brother, Claude, experienced a distinctive childhood growing up in Indian territory. The close bond between the two brothers was evident from an early age. The photograph captures a moment of their innocence and unity, hinting at the myriad challenges they would later face in their youth. Brian, the elder of the two, often took on the protective role, especially when defending Claude from bullying. Due to their mixed heritage, the brothers were subject to prejudice from multiple fronts. For the Westerners, the discrimination stemmed from their ancestral ties to the native land.
Meanwhile, within their native community, their mixed appearance became a source of contention. Despite the external challenges, Brian consistently stood up for his younger brother, showcasing resilience and a deep sense of family loyalty. Whether at school or within the community, he was unwavering in his commitment to ensure Claude felt safe and protected. The Mason brothers’ childhood experiences in Indian territory underscored the complexities of identity, cultural heritage, and the enduring strength of familial bonds.

Etymology of the name “Mason”.

Mystery schools, also known as “Écoles of Mysteries,” have been integral to several ancient civilizations, serving as institutions of esoteric knowledge and spiritual teachings. These schools were typically reserved for the initiated, where adherents were exposed to sacred rites, rituals, and teachings often concealed from the general public. One of the most renowned was the school dedicated to the god Osiris in ancient Egypt. Central to the Egyptian pantheon, Osiris had a narrative steeped in birth, life, death, and resurrection themes. Initiates of the Osirian mysteries underwent rituals and teachings that likely mirrored the life events of Osiris, emphasizing his struggle against the forces of chaos and darkness, his eventual death, and subsequent resurrection. Osiris wasn’t the only deity with a dedicated mystery school. Various gods and goddesses had their schools throughout the Greek and Roman empires, such as the Eleusinian Mysteries dedicated to Demeter and Persephone in ancient Greece. These rites often represented cycles of life, death, and rebirth, providing initiates with insights into the nature of existence and the cosmos.

The Significance of the Name ‘Mason’:

The name “Mason” has its origins in the Old French word “mason,” which means “stone worker” or “builder”. As a name, it’s often associated with strength, stability, and skill. Throughout history, names have been given to individuals based on their profession or specific characteristics. In medieval times, surnames like “Mason” might have been associated with individuals who were stonemasons or builders by trade. Beyond its occupational origins, the name Mason has also been interpreted as symbolizing strength, much like the sturdy structures created by masons. It’s been said that such words were sometimes given as nicknames to knights or warriors, highlighting their resilience and courage.

Prophecies and The Future, the Balkans in Prophecy:

Prophecies, especially those rooted in religious or ancient texts, are often open to interpretation in present times. The Bible, as well as other ancient texts, contains numerous prophecies, but directly connecting them to specific modern individuals or names upon deep and careful study.

Like many other regional prophecies worldwide, the Balkan prophecies speak of various events and figures, but making direct connections to contemporary individuals can be a matter of actual reforms taking fruition in people’s lives.

General Education

Mason’s Exploration Beyond Earth: From Geology to the Cosmos

Mason’s insatiable curiosity for the world around him was evident from his academic pursuits at the University of Montreal. His specialization in mining technologies provided a robust foundation in the intricate details of Earth’s natural resources. Complementing his technical studies, he delved into business administration, acquiring skills that would later prove invaluable in his professional endeavors. But it wasn’t just the depths of the Earth that intrigued Mason; the vast expanse of the cosmos beckoned him, too. His membership in the university’s speleology club enriched his geological understanding and exposed him to the wonders of space. A pivotal moment in his life was the chance meeting with Valentina Tereshkova, the pioneering Russian astronaut. Inspired by her groundbreaking achievements and stories of space exploration, Mason embarked on an unexpected detour – learning to fly. After a rigorous year of training, he earned his pilot license, a testament to his determination and passion for the skies.

His visit to NASA further stoked his interest in space technology. Participating in simulated flights gave him a taste of the astronaut experience, and he was fascinated by the potential of human exploration beyond our planet. But Mason’s intrigue didn’t stop at the known realms of space; he was equally captivated by the unexplained and the mysterious. Whether it was paranormal events or the possibility of extraterrestrial life, he approached these subjects with an open mind and a scientific lens, ever eager to unravel the enigmas of the universe. Today, Mason’s multifaceted journey from the depths of Earth’s caverns to the vastness of space is a testament to his relentless quest for knowledge and understanding. As he continues his explorations, one can’t help but wonder what new horizons he will seek out next.

Mason’s Astronomic Journey at the University of Montreal: From Caves to Cosmos

In the late 1960s, the University of Montreal was abuzz with discovery and wonder. Within this academic milieu, Mason stood out not just for his intelligence but also for his profound passion for the mysteries that lay both beneath and beyond our world. As a dedicated member of the university’s speleology club, Mason embarked on rigorous explorations of Quebec’s vast cave systems. He wasn’t content with venturing into these subterranean realms; he also meticulously mapped them out and studied the fascinating microorganisms that thrive in the dark, isolated environment. These explorations weren’t merely recreational outings but significant contributions to the scientific understanding of Quebec’s underground ecosystems. But Mason’s curiosity wasn’t bound by the Earth. As a member of the Astronomical Society, he delved into the vast expanse of the universe. His academic pursuits in astrophysics and astronomy at the University of Montreal were complemented by hands-on experience crafting optical lenses for telescopes. This combination of theory and practical knowledge gave him a comprehensive understanding of space and its mysteries. Mason’s early fascination with the cosmos was evident, having owned his first telescope at just six years old, a symbol of his lifelong love for the stars.

A significant highlight during his time at the university was his interaction with Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman to travel to space. Meeting such a pioneering figure undoubtedly left a lasting impression on Mason, reinforcing his drive and passion for space exploration. Equally impressive was Mason’s association with the gifted class of 1969. Being parallel students of Jacques Lebrun, a direct student of Wernher von Braun—the mastermind behind the V-2 and Saturn 5 rockets—added another distinction to Mason’s academic and extracurricular pursuits. Von Braun’s groundbreaking work on space exploration had a ripple effect, inspiring generations of students like Mason. Mason’s dedication to terrestrial and celestial exploration showcased a rare blend of curiosity and determination in those pivotal years at the University of Montreal. Whether probing the depths of Quebec’s caves or gazing at distant galaxies, he exemplified the spirit of discovery that drives humanity to push the boundaries of knowledge.

Mason’s Exploration: From Earth’s Crust to the Cosmos

Mason’s life story is a fascinating blend of science fiction and real-world exploration. A true Renaissance man of the 20th century, he ventured from the deep underground of Quebec’s caves to the vast expanse of outer space, collecting experiences and knowledge that most can only dream of.

  1. Cosmic Souvenirs: A pivotal moment for Mason was when he held a rock from a moon expedition. Having a piece of another celestial body is a rare privilege, bridging the gap between Earth and space and solidifying Mason’s deep connection to the universe. 2. NASA’s Calling: Mason’s visit to NASA further deepened his understanding of space exploration. The experience of a simulated spacewalk offered a taste of the astronaut’s life, giving him an authentic feel of the challenges and wonders of venturing into the cosmos. 3. Soaring through the Skies: While many are content to look up at the sky merely, Mason took it a step further. He pursued courses in flying and aeronautics, culminating in obtaining a pilot’s permit after a year of dedication. 4. Grounded Studies: His academic journey at the University of Montreal between 1969-70 was marked by intense study in prospection, covering areas like geology, geophysics, mineralogy, and mining exploration. This knowledge equipped him for hard rock and placer mining, grounding his skyward aspirations with terrestrial explorations. 5. Delving into the Unknown: As a member of the MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) organization, Mason delved into the mysteries of UFOs and unexplained phenomena. His close encounters and a firm belief in the presence of extraterrestrials make him not just a researcher but a witness to these enigmatic occurrences. 6. Beyond the Physical Realm: Mason’s interests extended to parapsychology, particularly in the context of UFOs. His experiences with paranormal activities, interest in breaches in time, parallel universes, and temporal voyages showcase a mind constantly seeking answers beyond conventional explanations. 7. Life Extension: Mason’s quest for knowledge was not just about understanding the world around him but also about enriching the human experience. His primary interest in life extension, approached with an unconventional, “out-of-the-box” perspective, illustrates his holistic approach to existence. In essence, Mason’s journey is a testament to the power of human curiosity. His life, intertwined with academia, personal experiences, and a quest for the unknown, inspires all those who dare to look beyond the horizon and ask the more significant questions.

Further studies. Mr. Mason: Pillar of Progress in the Northern Territory of Quebec

Mr. Mason’s contributions to the Northern Territory of Quebec have left an indelible mark on its economic landscape. His multifaceted role in the region’s development from 1979 to 1982 was marked by vision and diligence.

  1. James Bay Hydro Project: One of the standout achievements of Mr. Mason’s career was his involvement in the monumental James Bay Hydro project. Collaborating with notable figures such as the Honorable Jacques Parizeau and Francois Gendron, he was crucial in ensuring the project’s success. This venture not only enhanced the energy prospects of the region but also set a benchmark for similar initiatives in other parts of the country.
  2. Diverse Economic Contributions: Mason’s expertise was not restricted to large-scale energy projects. His tenure on the board for economic development sectors saw him take charge of various initiatives. From promoting agrotourism—a fusion of agriculture and tourism—to pioneering property development endeavors, Mason showcased a unique ability to tap into diverse economic opportunities.
  1. Infrastructure and Housing Development: With a keen understanding of the region’s needs, Mason launched several housing and infrastructure projects. These ventures spanned across multiple sectors like mining, forestry, and agriculture. By creating new avenues for employment and improving living standards, he made a tangible difference in the lives of the residents.
  1. Job Creation and Economic Growth: Perhaps one of the most impactful facets of Mason’s leadership was the surge in employment opportunities under his watch. The ventures he initiated and oversaw didn’t just bring in financial investments but also generated thousands of jobs. This not only boosted the economic prospects of the Northern Territory but also empowered its residents with stable employment and improved livelihoods.
  1. Championing Indigenous Prosperity: Mason’s efforts were particularly beneficial for Canada’s Northern Sovereign Indigenous Territory. His commitment to the region’s progress ensured that the indigenous communities benefited from the economic upswing, laying the foundation for a prosperous future.

In conclusion, Mr. Mason’s legacy in the Northern Territory of Quebec is characterized by progressive thinking, strategic execution, and an unwavering commitment to the region’s well-being. His efforts have paved the way for future leaders and set a gold standard for regional development.

Early Career and Industries

Brian S. Mason: A Multifaceted Career in Art, Exploration, and Finance

Mr. Brian S. Mason’s career trajectory has been nothing short of remarkable. From the bustling lanes of Hollywood to the uncharted territories explored by the National Geographic Society, his journey exemplifies a thirst for knowledge and a drive to inspire.

  1. A Foray into Hollywood: Mason’s career pivot into the entertainment industry saw him train in commercial advertising, equipping him with skills to navigate the vibrant world of movies and media. Collaborations with eminent personalities like Roy Snyder, Kurt Russell, Jeff Daniels, and Chong further enriched his repertoire, allowing him to wear multiple hats as a producer, director, and actor.
  1. Endorsement from a Legend: The American Film Institute, a premier organization in cinema, played a crucial role in Mason’s journey. Here, he caught the attention of the iconic Charlton Easton, whose endorsement in 1987 added a feather to Mason’s already illustrious cap.
  1. A Global Explorer with National Geographic: Mason’s affiliation with the National Geographic Society in 1988 gave him an honorary membership and opened doors to a world of exploration. His travels took him to far-flung corners of the globe, allowing him to connect with indigenous communities. These interactions, juxtaposed against the backdrop of modern societies, provided Mason with invaluable insights into the delicate balance of tradition and progress.
  1. The “Octagon Principles”: Mason’s intellectual pursuits led him to author “Octagon Principles.” This seminal work dissected the intricate interplay of finance, politics, and religion, offering readers a holistic understanding of their influence on individual lives and collective societies. Mason’s deep dive into these subjects was not just academic but also visionary, as he sought actionable insights to drive societal prosperity.
  1. Vision for a Better Future: Inspired by his diverse experiences and learnings, Mason set out to conceptualize an ideal platform for financial development. His goal was not just to understand the world but to shape it, ensuring a more equitable distribution of resources and opportunities.

In sum, Mr. Brian S. Mason’s journey is a testament to the limitless possibilities ahead when one possesses the passion to learn and the determination to make a difference. Whether it’s the glitzy world of Hollywood or the complex realms of finance and politics, Mason’s touch has been both transformative and inspirational.

Enters The Marine Foundation

Brian S. Mason and The Marine Foundation: Pioneering a Global Shift.
Brian S. Mason, throughout his illustrious career, has showcased an unyielding dedication to fostering global unity, development, and prosperity. His belief in a “Unified Humankind,” evidenced by his commitment to The Marine Foundation, is a testament to his vision of a world where shared values and mutual respect drive progress.

  1. The Meeting that Changed Everything: It was in 2013 that Mr. Mason’s path crossed with Tomeo Motto (T.M. R-D Gressard). This pivotal meeting led to the inception of a grand vision: a ripple effect that could potentially propel Africa to the forefront of global economic leadership. The belief is that through common sense, respect for Africa’s rich history, and the guiding principles of the Balkan Federation, the continent could truly flourish and enrich the world.
  1. The Marine Foundation: A Global Beacon: For Mr. Mason, The Marine Foundation was not just another initiative. It was the embodiment of his life’s work and philosophy. Its purpose was clear: to be a global foundation addressing the myriad needs of people worldwide, ensuring that they have a platform that supports and empowers them no matter where one is.
  1. DWB: Revolutionizing African Banking: Mr. Mason turned his attention to the banking sector to drive economic growth in Africa. His pioneering efforts established the Development World Bank (DWB) in Africa. This initiative was recognized significantly, with the Gambia government awarding the first banking license to acknowledge its potential.
  1. Diplomatic Foundations in West Africa: The Marine Foundation also emerged as a diplomatic force in Western Africa, serving as a bridge between nations and facilitating discussions, cooperation, and shared growth.
  1. DWB Japan: An Extension of Vision: Mr. Mason expanded the DWB’s horizons to Japan by recognizing the importance of media and global outreach. Here, he leveraged the vast media resources to establish DWB Japan, ensuring that the foundation’s message and mission resonated across continents.

Brian S. Mason’s journey with The Marine Foundation is a testament to his unwavering faith in humanity’s potential. He has sown the seeds of global unity, understanding, and prosperity through strategic partnerships, innovative initiatives, and a clear vision. In his pursuit, he continues to inspire countless individuals, organizations, and nations to come together for a brighter, more unified future.

The First Digital Central Bank and Establishing Ties with Africa

The Development World Bank: A Beacon of Modern Financial Innovation

In the ever-evolving world of finance, institutions that dare to innovate are the ones that shape the future. The Development World Bank (DWB) is one such entity, spearheaded by the visionary leadership of Mr. Mason. Here’s a look at what makes the DWB a standout in today’s banking world:

  1. A Central Banking Pioneer: The DWB’s association with the Balkan Federation as its Central Bank grants it an influential position. But what sets it apart is its audacity to venture where no bank has gone before. By becoming the first central bank in the world to embrace a digital currency system fully, DWB is not just embracing the future; it’s creating it.
  1. An Invitation to Africa: Recognizing the immense potential of the African continent, the DWB extends a hand of partnership. It’s an invitation to every African nation to join the Balkan Federation, ensuring their economic liberation and solidifying their sovereign independence. But this isn’t just about membership; it’s about forging a bond that promises mutual growth and prosperity.
  1. The Birth of the United Nations of Africa (UNA): With the DWB’s support, the vision for a united African front materializes in the form of the United Nations of Africa. This body aims to consolidate Africa’s wealth, manage its vast assets, and ensure that the profits directly benefit its diverse populations.
  1. Celebrating African Innovation: Under the DWB’s guidance and the auspices of the UNA, a powerful narrative emerges — that of “Made-in-Africa.” It’s a label that marks a product’s origin and celebrates African innovation, creativity, and potential. The DWB aims to revolutionize how the world views African contributions to global progress by establishing technology hubs right in Africa and promoting indigenous innovations.
  1. A Partnership Based on Trust: At the heart of this grand vision lies a simple principle — trust. The DWB’s commitment to forging an unbreakable trade alliance with the Balkan member nations guarantees that Africa’s resources, innovations, and products find a receptive market, ensuring sustainable growth for all parties involved.

The DWB’s strategy stands as a ray of hope in a world often riddled with economic uncertainties and challenges. It promises a future where nations come together for mutual benefit and to uplift and empower each other; with the Balkan Federation and Africa joining forces under the guidance of the DWB, a new era of global cooperation and prosperity beckons.

Mason Enterprises and the future of the Balkans.

Mr. Mason: An Architect of Global Economic Progress and Peace

The landscape of global economic and philanthropic endeavors has witnessed many visionaries. However, few have carved such an indelible mark as Mr. Mason. His vast empire, from banking to industrial sectors, has been a testament to his strategic insight and unwavering commitment to societal upliftment.

  1. Economic Powerhouse: With assets as diverse and significant as the Varna shipyard, airport industries, the Mason defense agency, and the Marine Foundation, Mr. Mason’s influence is not limited to the economic sphere. Under his leadership, these industries have been pivotal in reshaping global economic trends and patterns.
  2. Beyond Profit – A Commitment to Peace: More than just an industrialist, Mr. Mason is a peace advocate. His emphasis on diplomacy, charitable endeavors, and education has established him as a leader who views progress through economic gains and global harmony and understanding.
  1. The Ethical Foundation of the DWB: Under Mr. Mason’s stewardship, the Development World Bank embodies the principles of ethical commerce. Recognizing the importance of businesses that benefit communities, DWB places human rights, community welfare, and environmental consciousness at its core.
  2. For the People, By the People: The DWB, with its focus on the greater good, ensures that profits are accumulated and used for the holistic development of communities. This approach ensures that populations reap the benefits of economic growth, thus making the story a shared journey.

Mr. Mason’s endeavors reflect a leader who understands that real power lies in the ability to make a difference. By aligning economic prowess with ethical considerations and community welfare, he showcases how industries can be powerful tools for positive change, creating a legacy beyond mere business achievements.

Enters Mason defense agency and General A. Ovodovskiy

Beyond his professional accolades, General Aleksandar Ovodovskiy, under the leadership of President Mason, is also known for his compassion and dedication to the welfare of his troops and civilians alike. He recognizes that leadership is about strategic decisions on the battlefield and the morale and well-being of the people he commands. Under his guidance, numerous programs aimed at improving the lives of soldiers and their families have been initiated, creating a sense of camaraderie and mutual respect within the ranks.

In Bulgaria, his home country, the General is revered for his military prowess and deep connection with the nation’s cultural and historical heritage. He often emphasizes the importance of understanding the past to build a better future. He has been instrumental in championing educational initiatives highlighting the rich history and traditions of the Balkan regions.

Additionally, his efforts extend beyond the military domain. General Ovodovskiy actively supports numerous charitable organizations, particularly those that assist veterans, the less fortunate, and children. His philanthropic endeavors showcase his belief in creating a holistic environment where all citizens, regardless of their background, can thrive and contribute positively to society.

General Ovodovskiy’s influence on the Balkans and Bulgaria is multifaceted. His leadership style, combined with his dedication to the betterment of his fellow citizens and the region, has solidified his position as a military legend and a most loyal subject to President Mason, becoming a General, a beacon of hope and progress for generations to come.

Father of Nations for a Unified Balkans and Africa

Mr. Mason is called The Father of Nations: Envisioning a Unified Balkans and Africa.

In the annals of history, specific figures stand tall, casting a shadow that shapes the destiny of continents. Among these luminaries, one title resonates with the promise of unity and the vision of a harmonious future – the “Father of Nations.” This title is not just an honorific but a testament to an individual’s unwavering commitment to bringing together two diverse lands: the Balkans and Africa.

The Balkans, with its rich tapestry of cultures, languages, and histories, have always been at the crossroads of Europe. It has seen empires rise and fall, and with each tide of history, it has absorbed and contributed to the mosaic of European civilization. On the other hand, Africa, the cradle of humanity, is a continent of immense potential, vibrant cultures, and a history that spans millennia.

The dream of a unified Balkans and Africa may seem ambitious, but it is not without precedent. Historically, both regions have seen periods of unity under empires or regional organizations. What the “Father of Nations” envisions is not just a political or economic alliance but a deep-rooted cultural and societal bond that recognizes both continents’ shared history, values, and aspirations. Such unification would be a merger of territories and a fusion of ideas, innovations, and identities. The Balkans could benefit from Africa’s vast resources, burgeoning markets, and youthful energy. Simultaneously, Africa could draw upon the Balkans’ strategic location, technological advancements, and rich cultural heritage.

In this envisioned future, the “Father of Nations” is not just a leader but a beacon, guiding two continents toward shared prosperity, mutual respect, and a unified identity. It is a dream where the melodies of Balkan music meld with African rhythms, where literature, art, and science from both lands inspire and elevate each other. The title “Father of Nations” is not just about leadership; it’s about a legacy—a legacy of unity, shared dreams, and a brighter future for the Balkans and Africa.

The Gift of All Gifts

The Shield of Prophet Mohamad and the Balkan in Prophecy.

Offered by the Republic of Turkey through its esteemed President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the shield of Prophet Mohammad, presented as a gift to President Mason, symbolizes a profound gesture of interfaith harmony. This act resonates deeply with the biblical prophecy of the Balkans penned by Dr. Ernest L. Martin, heralding an era of global religious unity and mutual respect. Such moments of shared reverence transcend cultural and religious boundaries, illuminating a hopeful path towards lasting peace among all spiritual traditions of the world.

The Republic of Turkey is the crossing of East and West; the shield of Prophet Mohammad stands as a token of profound respect and a beacon of hope, symbolizing the potential unity of the entire Arab world. Such a momentous gesture underscores the aspiration for collaborative economic growth, prosperity, and lasting peace, bridging divides and bringing nations closer in a shared vision for a harmonious and prosperous global community.

This symbolic gift, more than a mere artifact, is a testament to the potential collaborations that transcend borders and cultural differences. As economies intertwine and nations work hand in hand, the shield could represent a turning point, marking the beginning of an era where mutual respect and shared objectives drive the global agenda. An age where economic endeavors no longer solely serve national interests but uplift entire regions, fostering opportunities and eradicating disparities.

Furthermore, as nations embrace the underlying message of unity the shield signifies, it’s conceivable to envision a world where cultural understanding reigns supreme. In a world where conversations about shared history and mutual respect replace disputes and discord in this imagined future, the shield of Prophet Mohammad, bestowed upon President Mason, could forever be remembered as the catalyst that spurred nations toward unparalleled cooperation and peace.

Message from the President

It is important to note that any organization or initiative that seeks to promote peace and liberation should do so with respect for the cultures and identities of the people it aims to help. While there may be similarities between the histories and struggles of the Balkans and Africa, it’s essential to recognize each region’s unique experiences and needs and work with local communities to identify practical solutions. Furthermore, any efforts to promote economic liberation and peace must be grounded in understanding the complexities of these issues and the root causes of conflict and economic inequality. Establishing an organization or prioritizing one region over another is insufficient for meaningful change. It requires sustained engagement with local communities, a commitment to justice and equity, and a willingness to listen and learn from the people most affected by these issues.

Ultimately, any efforts to promote peace and liberation must prioritize the dignity and well-being of all people, regardless of their background or identity. By doing so, we can work together to create a more just and equitable world for all.

Brian Sergy Mason
President of the Balkan Federation

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