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First Development World Bank

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Unifying Central Banks Worldwide & the New World Reform for the Benefits of All Native People on the Planet.


First Development World Bank is an independent, privately-owned Bank.

It was created in 2016 as  “First Financial Development Corp. of British-Columbia” situated on Native Land and under the First Nations’ Sovereignty, to become Development World Bank (DWB) established in the Gambia Africa.

We Protect The Future of Our Children

The DWB Bank is now operational in its home World Headquarters Country of

The Republic of the Gambia – Africa.

56 Kairaba Avenue Fajara at the city of Banjul, Gambia, West Africa.

SRN:2200249304 | Corporate Number: 2022/C18076

The official local website DOT.GM (Gambia) – FIRSTDWB.GM is presently in construction. However the bank accepts its own wire transfers through the Central Bank of the Gambia and its associate Intermediary bank: Garranty Trust Bank UK Limited. Please refer to the information below for official transactions.

Africa Team Organization



Chairman ; Brian S. Mason
(Gambian Citizenship)
President and ownership of DWB.
Chairman of The Order Of TRINITY
Co- Brand Ownership of the Logo and trademark of the Marine Foundation /director Financial /
Strategist , Member of the Ministry of Economy at Marine Foundation and Honorary Ambassador Ivory-Coast

Bank Secretary; Seedy Fadera
(Gambian Citizenship)
Overseen Banking operations
Chairman personal secretary
Attached to the president of the Gambia.
Central Bank Governor Representative ; Jibi Bah

Bank Director ; Mme Haddy Jatou Bah
Vice- President ( DWB ) west Africa
(Cote- Ivoirienne Citizenship)

El Makhlou  Kamal
President of High patronage of traders and economic operators of Ivory Coast (HPCO-CI)
President of the international Network of Humaterians and Equitable Development (RIHDE)
Rovin Ambassador to the Network of European Chamber of Experts for West Africa (RCEEDAO)
Peace Ambassador (OIRP) WCHAR
Justice of the peace at World Chaplains United Nations WCAHR – UN AFRICA.

The Bank (DWB) operates through and inside Guaranty trust Bank Gambia Ltd.
All accounts generated by DWB are part of his own institution and under his control.
DWB is a Development Bank, for the people of Gambia, West Africa and the wellbeing of all African countries.

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Wire Transfer Information

First Development World Bank is an Investment Corporation that Stands for the Well-being of  the Humanities.

The Structure is Set for Reforming the 21st Century with New Banking Systems Using its Own Economic Development Platform.

Ideology to Humanity’s support through a Unique and Futuristic Platform, by Administering and Implementing the Law of Common Sense.

Investors and Depositors Can Earn Substantial 20% Return on Their Investment with the Bank’s Associated Tax Exemptions System.


First Development World Bank is ENTIRELY SOVEREIGN with banking operations processed through its DWB banking licenses established in Africa and throughout the World.

In the first stages of operation, the banking corporation manages its set up procedures through a registered corporate DWB corporate environment in Tokyo, Japan, with a banking platform of outstanding international reputation.

DWB stands entirely outside of American territory and, Independently, Privately manages its communication with First Nation People in Reservation across British-Columbia, and Aboriginal land throughout the World.

DWB is NOT in any relation with banking structures of Canada or the United States of America

About DWB



World Governmental Full Restructuring Service Systems


The DWB is the first corporate structure of the world that lifts the Marine Foundation’s emblem of governmental kingship over a region, with a constitution written to serve and protect the individual sovereignty of each person alive. Its land is the oceans surrounding the territories it conquers in the unconditional spirit of multiplying goodness, with “common sense” systems propagation to support the betterment of societies anywhere.

The restructuring of a nation’s government emphasizes the total annihilation of horrible acts that disrespect human life and the earthly environment in which we live and prosper. The system encourages the party of one God-like-centered government to express the freedom of all religions in total respect for children and mothers. The constitution and national governance call for the protection of the life of all citizens against human physical and mental immoral exploitation and an “all” uncompromisingly punishing campaign against human trafficking.

A government should be a constitution of ethics inspired by the biological, physical undeniable resemblance of all human being, and therefore a leadership compelled to follow the governing rules of service to a population away from ego-oriented desires of mass manipulation drowning toward destructive selfishness, poverty and hunger.

Therefore, the DWB supports any country’s leadership where governments are willing to centralize their financial structure around systems to redirect a nation’s economy toward righteous principles.These principles must empower a nation to prosper through jobs, health, and education for all, indiscriminately of social, financial, religious, and cultural background.

The establishment of infrastructural standards in communication, transportation, and medical services is an absolute prerequisite to serve and protect the establishment of Global Citizenship with equally unifying rights of comfort for all. The rights to unlimited wealth are the right of each person alive, in the spirit of individual and corporate responsibility, to better serve a community’s development toward prosperity.

Therefore the economic development of a region is a systematized structure of managerial options that obligates a financially successful organization to generously give back to its environment and society through educational and ecological services encouraging sustainability in moral and physical health to its environment.

The DWB, therefore, represents a new governmental flagship of development that uniquely stands for the propagation and multiplication of goodness. Through uncompromising systems of ethics and morality expressed by the Marine Foundation’s structural planetarium Chamber of Laws, it protects the freedom of all in the condition of the assumed responsibility of every person alive on the planet.

The Marine Foundation introduces the universal corporate kingship of development to prosper the humanities in serving the population in the rules of absolute respect for life and the environment. Its supranational body of operation invites the core principles and functionality of a Global Public Relations organization that can infiltrate the heart of leaders to incite a world free from war, violence, and immoral inhuman condition.

Tomeo RD-M-Gressard –  Chief Public Relation & Chairman of the Marine Foundation

Dream Team – Hospitality & Transparency

Mission Manifesto:

Sustainable Economic Development Strategy

Mr. Brian S. Mason, Chairman of First Development World Bank, with the Chairman of the Marine Foundation’s help, Mr. Tomeo RD-Gressard is bringing leaders of the World together in finance, diplomacy, and religion to bring reforms in the field of economic development.

By taking concrete, immediate actions, their structure will supply countries with solutions adapted to their needs. Starting with housing conditions, reliable energy, clean running water, and effective waste disposal, they will provide societies with a suitable economic growth environment.

As we advance in establishing new industries, micro-local economy, and trade relations, the bank emphasizes job creation and humanitarian help, towards opening educational and medical facilities.

In today’s divided World, cultural needs for identity and respect translate into a desire for belonging where everybody wishes for peace, tired of endless historical conflicts. Mr. Mason’s life experiences with Native Indigenous people and Mr. Gressard’s roots in Africa make the voice of common sense resonate into the conscience of fairness for all, via sound economic development platforms such as DWB and the Marine Foundation.

DWB’s Affiliated Project Leadership Team Worldwide