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First Development World Bank is an independent, privately-owned Bank.

It is present and operated under the name of “First Financial Development Corp. of British-Columbia” situated on Native Land and under the First Nations’ Sovereignty, who is under the Sovereignty of Canada.

First Financial was initiated in 2016, Incorporated at Ottawa under federal jurisdiction and approved registered office address in Sovereign Native Land.

The existing factual position of First Financial is subject and controlled by First Development World Bank. We are upgrading the status of First Development World Bank to fall under “Sovereign Nation.”

Banking and tax jurisdiction are unique to First Development World Bank and have created a precedent in those matters inside Canada’s Sovereign country. (Acquired Rights)

We Protect The Future of Our Children

First Development World Bank is an Investment Corporation that Stands for the Well-being of  the Humanities.

The Structure is Set for Reforming the 21st Century with New Banking Systems Using its Own Economic Development Platform.

Ideology to Humanity’s support through a Unique and Futuristic Platform, by Administering and Implementing the Law of Common Sense.

Investors and Depositors Can Earn Substantial 20% Return on Their Investment with the Bank’s Associated Tax Exemptions System.


First Development World Bank, banking operations are processed through “First Financial Development Corp of British – Columbia.”

The corporation manages its banking operations through a Bank in Tokyo Japan, which has an international reputation as the most stable banking system in the World.

DWB stands outside of American territory. First Financial, Independently and Privately manages the deposits from its “Special Indigenous business account in Natives Reservation of British-Columbia, Canada Aboriginal land.

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The Brian Mason Story & Relation with North American Native people.


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Mission Manifesto:

Sustainable Economic Development Strategy

Mr. Brian S. Mason, Chairman of First Development World Bank, with the Chairman of the Marine Foundation’s help, Mr. Tomeo RD-Gressard is bringing leaders of the World together in finance, diplomacy, and religion to bring reforms in the field of economic development.

By taking concrete, immediate actions, their structure will supply countries with solutions adapted to their needs. Starting with housing conditions, reliable energy, clean running water, and effective waste disposal, they will provide societies with a suitable economic growth environment.

As we advance in establishing new industries, micro-local economy, and trade relations, the bank emphasizes job creation and humanitarian help, towards opening educational and medical facilities.

In today’s divided World, cultural needs for identity and respect translate into a desire for belonging where everybody wishes for peace, tired of endless historical conflicts. Mr. Mason’s life experiences with Native Indigenous people and Mr. Gressard’s roots in Africa make the voice of common sense resonate into the conscience of fairness for all, via sound economic development platforms such as DWB and the Marine Foundation.

DWB’s Affiliated Project Leadership Team Worldwide