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Brian S. Mason

Founder & Chairman

Founder & Chairman of DWB, Brian S. Mason, is a goodwill pioneer and a spokesperson for Peace through Economic Development. Creating a bank dedicated explicitly to supporting societies with a sustainable solution to developing a region is the primary mission attributed to the First Development World Bank.

Philosophy & Vision

History of Establishment

DWB Sovereign Land Registration

Brand & Coat Of Arms

Importance of Native Territories & the Old Continent

Indigenous peoples, also known in some regions as First peoples, First Nations, Aboriginal peoples, or Native peoples or autochthonous peoples, are ethnic groups who are the original or earliest known inhabitants of an area. They are generally historically associated with a specific territory on which they depend. Indigenous societies are present in every inhabited climate zone and continent of the World. The Mother of all Native Nations of the World is without question the great continent of Africa. DWB commits to taking Africa and the First Nations of the World as a priority to establishing a fair distribution of wealth through strategies of development yet unseen in the conventional banking systems.

The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) & Indeginous People

Relationship between the Royal Bank Canada and the First Nations of North America - PDF Viewing

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The Law of “Common Sense” & the Need for Reforms to Serve the Humanities

Philosophy & Vision

Have you heard the term – “There is a new sheriff in town?” meaning that a change is about to occur. The same applies here; there is a new bank in town and a brand new way to lend a financial hand to a society in need. Our vision is to become instrumental in every common-sense concept that supports the development of any region of the World. If we aim to a World of Peace, we can’t ignore the path to substantial economic growth through sustainability in our development approach. Our corporate philosophy rest on taking immediate actions to where the needs are vital to reviving a region with the tools that it needs to emerge out of moral decay. DWB stands on a project platform that means good for the people and it serves using the most effective promotional and monetization systems.

History of Establishment

sThe path to establishing DWB started with intensive research from its founder Mr. Brian S. Mason, who pioneered four years of administrative communication since 2016. Born of an Indigenous mother, he naturally related to the call of First Nations, where Natives became his subject of studies in implementing financial systems that would do good for the prosperity of the first inhabitants. By 2020, and with the patronage support of reputable First Nations Chiefs of British Columbia and other regions of North America, The First Development World Bank registers with its financial base placed under the privileged position of accounts worldwide.

Timeline History between The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) & Indigenous People

Difference Between Commercial Banks and a Development Bank like the DWB

The primary function of a bank is to support the economic system by acting as a mediator between depositors and loan seekers. Banking services are essential for the development of a country, functioning as the back-bone to economies.

There are three categories of Banks, namely Commercial Bank, Co-operative Banks and Developmental Banks. These can be differentiated on the basis of the purpose they serve in an economic system.

The main difference between a Commercial Bank and a Development Bank is that a Commercial Bank functions to provide financial services to industries and individuals, whereas a Development Bank is set up to provide funds for infrastructural and economic development.

DWB is Registered on Sovereign “First Nations” Native land. The particularity of Burns Lake is that it is the administrative corporate home of six prominant tribes.

The Burns Lake Native Development Corporation (BLNDC) exists to enhance the economic well-being of the Aboriginal people of Northern British Columbia’s Lakes District.It exists to identify and develop economic development ventures and initiatives, for and with, Aboriginal people of the Lakes District. BLNDC will empower member First Nations to realize their economic aspirations within their traditional territories.

Federal Registry on Native Sovereign Land:

No: 992945-2

Official Canada National Business Number:

No: FM0818191

Official Canada Corporate Registry Number:

No: 70982 8073 BC0001

Federal Registry on Native sovereign Land is a unique privilege. We are Sovereign inside the Sovereignty of Canada. First Development World Bank is an independent, privately-owned Bank. It is present and operated under the name of “First Financial Development Corp. of British-Columbia” situated on Native Land and under the Sovereignty of First Nations, all under the Sovereignty of Canada. The existing factual position of First Financial is subject and controlled by First Development World Bank. The status of First Development World Bank falls under “Sovereign Nation,” therefore making this organization a “Supranational Sovereign Organization” insusceptible to foreign government influences anywhere in the world.

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The Brand & Coat of Arms: Knowledge is the Power to Achieve

  • Cia Bellum Gereretur (Trust Diplomacy)
  • Religion (Religion)
  • The first sword symbolizes Power, Protection, Authority, Strength, and Courage.
  • Spiritual – Knighthood and Chivalry.
  • Rebus Oeconomicis (Finance).
  • The second sword symbolizes Power, Authority, and Strength.
  • Wealth Grander and prosperity.
  • Rei-Publicae. (Politic)
  • The third sword symbolizes the penetrating power of intellect. Power and Authority are in constant evolution worldwide.
  • The Lions protecting the Coast of arms blue shield : Symbolize: Stability, strength, courage in power for domination.
  • We represent Trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intellect, faith, and truth.
The name Mason came to England in the great wave of migration following the Norman Conquest of 1066. The etymology fo the word defines a stonemason. But the name originated thousands of years ago and is cited in biblical segments, meaning” artificer of stone”; masonry is an art learned in Egypt. Mason defines the act of building – “Builders.” The name has become a very significant symbol in our modern age. Political, Finance, and Religious consider it a sign of Power, Authority, and Strength.